Monday, March 17, 2014

16 March 2014

Part of our reading from Baruch today is a model prayer for us, very standard for the Tanach.

The prayer begins with what God has done.  This is not done to remind God what he  has done for us, but to remind ourselves and to increase our faith.  , "Dear Lord who delivered me from tobacco and alcoholism, who brought me to and from Honduras various times, who kept my boat afloat and me alive through the tropical storm, who gave me my wife and children and grandchildren."  Just typing this makes me feel more confident in my prayers.

The second part is also a reminder, "who punishes as you told us you would and as you predicted.  God warned them over and over and over, keep the Sabbath, do justice, love one another and take care of the widow and orphan.  "Dear Lord, I saw some one in need to day and didn't help them out, and I derserve to be punished. 

If we really want to pray to God, it is important that we start our prayers this way, filling our minds and heart with the things God has done for us, and reminding ourselves that we are sinful and do not deserve a single blessing, but trusting God to have mercy on us.

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