Wednesday, December 26, 2012

23 December 2012

Interestingly enough, the proto gospel shows up in this weeks Tanakh.  All the consequences of sin are laid out here clear to see.  First, as we read the lesson, we discover that Adam was there.  Why on earth didn't he keep Havah from eating the fruit.  When YHWH God comes to the garden, he calls out to Adam, where are you?  When God asks this question, he doesn't mean  literally where are you, but where are you in relationship to me, an excellent question for Advent.

Then comes the sad part.   YHWH asks Adam if he has been eating the forbidden fruit, and Adam, instead of confessing his sin, lays it at YHWH's door, "the women you gave me..."  When he gets to Havah, she is not much better, as she blames the serpent.  I suspect if anyone took the blame willingly, this world would have been very different, but Adam and Havah lead the way, which we all follow of blaming others, including God for our faults.  The sin breaks the relationship between man and God (God's Holy Spirit no longer resides in man bringing Adam and Havah to spiritual death.  The relationship between Adam and Havah goes down hill, and even his relationship with nature, as he  now works by the sweat of his brown, and they are kicked out of Gan Eden, and a Cherub is set to keep them out. 

The good news is given to Havah.  Her descendent (singular) will stomp the servant, which we recognise a being the first prediction of Messiah's birth and ministry.  And of course we are celebrating this grand miracle now.  Messiah Yeshua has come into the world to save sinners, and to show us the way. 

Merry Christmas.