Sunday, October 11, 2015

19th Sunday of Gracetide

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters:

I am very sorry I have allowed myself to be pulled off the grid so to speak.  As many of you know, I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's, and I am sad to say it has really slowed me down,  I feel though the need to proclaim the Gospel and to address the ills of the world.  I  will do my pest to post readings and lives of Saints, and proclaim God's word as long as I am physically  able, and I desire your prayers for healing and strenth to do the work that the Lord has called me to do.  I am earnest that our children not be led astray.

Currently we are losing a battle.  Some of that loss came around 50 years ago as we abandoned marital fidelity.   We need to go back to Ephesians and I Peter, and see how they liken marriage to the church. Marriage is the icon of the relationship between Yeshua and the church. Is it any wonder that our children no longer understand the permanent bond between Yeshua and his church, since they so rarely see this relationship between their parents.  Where are the Hosaiahs of this world, who are faithful to their wives no matter what?

Worst, we and the kids have been subject to a study bombardment of brain washing.  It started over extramarital sex in the 50s (or maybe even in the 1920s).  It was promoted by TV and movies.  The world swooned over the adultery of Elizabeth Tailor and others, but continued to go watch them.  The Golden Girls promoted prostitution and extra marital sex and we laughed.  Sixteen year old kids told their 14 year old sisters on TV that they should already been having sex.  TV went from showing married couples living together to unmarried couples having sex together without the bonds of matrimony.  It was shameful at one time for a girl to have a child out of wedlock and now it is normal.  In all of this, it is the kids who suffer.  Girls and some guys who drop out of school to  take care of the baby.  Society now lets the poor baby get kept by his 12 or 13 year old mother, instead of adopted out to responsible adults because the  girl wants to keep the baby, who often becomes her excuse.  TV began introducing gay people, first as humerous or sympathetic, and then more and more to the point that many Americans think that homosexuals are between 10 and 50% of the population.  Transgenders etc. no longer have psychological persons, but are heroes for ignoring the facts of life.  We have come to the point where it is considered to speak the truth about these things.    One small study of 167  young men who identified as homosexual showed that 165 of the 167 were sexually molested by an older male before the age of 16.  Studies like this are hiden because it does not promote the current brand of political correctness.

Even commonn sense is going down the dreain.  Houston's new heroe ordiance says that if a  man self identifies as a woman, he can use the woman's restroom.  How many girls and women really want a guy sharing their bathroom?  How many men (especially amomng an increasing number of immature men) aregoing ot take advantage of that law for wrong reasons. John Hopkins reveals that people who have sex change operations still have psychological problems.  

Just when will we go back to the Bible.  One man, one women in marriage.  The man is to treat his wife as his queen, and she to treat her husband as a king.  those who have same sex attraction to enter the monastic life, or learn to live with a person of the opposte sex in marriage.  

We Christinas can begin by shunning those Chritians who throw out the Biblical standards.  We can continue by refising to watch TV or moveis, or listen to songs that promote extramarital sex.  Remember the odl "GIGO."  Garbage in, garbage out.  I ahve noted that gay guys have an easier time of turning off their same sex attraction if they get rid of porn. 

Our society today glorifies in sex. Instead of building porn castles, we need t be glorifying the Lord and building prayer castles to Him.  God is our king, and if we put anything in his place, he will use it to get our attention so that we come to repentance by admitting we are wrong.  So lets read the Bible and proclaim it.  God wants the prisoners set free.  Today those prisoners are chained by sex and materialis.  It is our job to present the Gospel to them.