Monday, July 22, 2013

21 July

Sirach always has good sound advice for us, and this week is the same.  Sirach often resonate with Jesus the Messiah, as in this week he tells us, what God really wants is obedience, not sacrifice.  But as Paul, he tells the importance of giving cheerfully, and most important to remember what we give back to God is very little compared to what he has given us. 

But we are reminded as well, that God will not accept bribes, and will not favour the poor over the rich, but will see  that justice is done.The prayers of the righteous will pierce through to heaven, no matter what.

Our lesson from Judges is a reminder.  The Jews were not a monolithic people.  Many others came with them through the desert, and during the period of the Judges, language began changing.  We see too that the Jews, like u were not perfect people, but that God was preparing them, still causing them to behave as one people in the 400 year time peoriod of the judges where they are knit together by adversity. 

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