Monday, November 1, 2010

Ezequiel 16:1-63: October 31, 2010

This lesson was written as a powerful warning to the nation of Israel. As such it shows that only God cares for Jerusalem. It was God who clothed Israel (remember, clothing is often a symbol of deeds, and clean luxurious clothing stands for good deeds, showing that even our good deeds come from God, and that only God can cover our evil nature, as Messiah's blood covers our evil nature and saves us.

Instead of thanking God, Israel turns to other gods (this is the symbol of prostitution). She even uses the things God gave her to worship false gods. Even worse, she sacrifices her children to those false gods!Even the Phillistines are shocked at her behaviour!

Brothers and sisters, does this description make you think. As well as describing Jerusalem, does it not describe the country we live in? God has blessed this country greatly, and we take those blessings and build houses and buy cars, but we forget the orphan and widow. Children are sacrificed on the altar of convenience by abortion. Other children are sacrificed because no-one has time to take care of them. Sports, money, drugs, exercise, leisure, have these not become the drugs upon which we squander what God has given us. God promised judgment to Jerusalem. Do we think that we shall avoid it. I think not.

The good news in this is twofold. God will not forget the covenant he made with Israel. There is still a role for the Jews to play, and they will come to know Yeshua as Messiah, Lord and Saviour. There is also hope for us, but we must repent and change our ways. Why do we give our enthusiasm and cash to entertainers? Why do we have time to party, but not have time to tell people that Yeshua came into the world to save sinners. Where are you? Are you wasting God's gifts on the idols of this world, or are you working to save sinners and build up other Christians.

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