Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 Februart 2010

I am just getting more and more behind. Three doctor's appointments today, two yesterday. Too many sick people in the house.

Sunday's lesson from Jeremiah is most important to the modern church. It is a warning about false prophets. False prophets are dangerous, because they lead us astray. In the time of the lesson from Jeremiah, the false prophets are telling the people not to worry, that God will deliver them in two years. Jeremiah counteracts these prophecies and warns the people this will be a long captivity, and Babylon will prevail.

The danger and mark of false prophets is that they do not call us to repent. The people of Israel didn't need to repent, because God was going to deliver them. They didn't need to worry. God doesn't ever punish his people and they will always come out ahead. Do you know false prophets who speak this way?

Jeremiah and all true prophets for that matter spend a lot of time condemning sin, and calling people to repent.

Are you being told how wonderful it all is, and that you are welcomed by God just as you are, or are you being called to repent and allow God to transform your life. While it is true, God loves you as you are, the point of salavation is that we repent of what we were, and allow God to transform us into the image of Jesus his soon. This is an excellent thought to hold to as we begin this first week of Lent.

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