Monday, December 28, 2009

28 Deceber 2009

Jeremiah 22:1-30

As we see in much of the prophets and other areas of the Tanach, God emphasises the need to do justice. He tells us: “Practice justice in this place, let rectitude be found here. Free the oppressed from exploitation, don’t humiliate nor mistreat the alien in the land, nor orphans, nor widows. Don’t kill the innocent. If in truth you do all I commanded, then there will always be kings to occupy the throne of David.

But they didn’t. Justice is emphasized over and over again, do justice. Fair weights, fair measures. Do not pervert justice in favour of the rich nor the poor. Treat people as they deserve. And if not the destruction of God will come upon the people of Israel and Jerusalem.

Why do we think we are so special? I hear people saying over and over again, “God does not judge, he will not punish us because ‘God is Love.’” How is it that we think that God will treat us better than his own chosen people who have been exiled three times. God is really serious about justice. Look once again. Do justice, Practice uprightness. Free the oppressed. Do not humiliate the foreigner, nor widow nor orphan. Do not kill the innocent, yet we do all these things. Do we truly practice justice? I fear not. Are we upright? Why we cannot even obey the speed limit nor the stop signs. Are foreigners mistreated? Yes they are. (And of course some is their own fault, for when we ignore the nation’s laws, we open ourselves up to mistreatment.) Don’t mistreat orphans nor widows, yet divorced men do not pay child support, childless couples spend $80,000.00 to have a kid, when they could adopt sixteen for the same amount. Innocent are gaoled or killed instead of taking time to get it right. People are kicked out of their homes by banks which were loaned big bucks to keep them solvent.

Should we be surprised when the judgment comes? The problems with the economy, 9/11 are all signs of worse things to come.

But the worst injustices are: Christians are not living Christian lives. We do not follow the Biblical precepts relating to marriage and sex and divorce any better than the world. We are becoming worldly with prosperity gospel. Tithe and God will make your rich. The Bible promises blessings, not money, it promises peace, not without hardships. Our lives are a disgrace in the sight of God.

The other great injustice practiced by Christians, is we do not share the faith. No volunteers tonight to go caroling. We just want to sit ant home or work. We are glad to proclaim our favourtite football, basketball, hockey, cricket or soccer team, but when it comes time to tell others what Christ has done for us, we are silent. Maybe they don’t really know God. Maybe he hasn’t changed their lives. I praise God, he has delivered me from alcoholism, tobacco, and pornography and worse. If not for him I would be dead, not only in sin, but in body. God transforms us, and we need to tell the world.

Go tell it on the mountain. Jesus Christ is born, to save sinners and transform them into saints.

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