Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 January 2009

Isaiah 42:1-9

In this day in which we celebrate the baptism of Yeshua, it is fitting that we read this lesson from the Tanach as well. When, the sinless Yeshua was baptised for our sin, he was taking on the mantel of his public ministry. This ministry is lined out in the reading from Isaiah.
See my servant.
I put my spirit upon him (when Yeshua was baptised)
He brings forth right ruling to the nations. (yet to come)
He does not cry out...Yeshua was humble and meek in his ministry.
He does not become week nor crushed (even on the cross, Yeshua voluntarily gives up his life.)
I Yahweh have called you in righeousness, for a light to the gentiles (Yeshua is a light to the nations, not just to Israel)
To open blind eyes (both literally and that they may see the truth)
To set prisoners free (again, both literally, and setting prisoners free from sin)

When we read this lesson, we need to consider. We often think of this lesson as defining the ministry of Yeshua, but in fact it defines the ministry of all Christians, the church, which is the body of Messiah.

When we were baptised and sealed, we received the fullnes of the Holy Spirit. This just isn't something fun God does for us. The Holy Spirit is power, and he leads us into all truth, including the ugly truth about ourselves, our depraved nature and our sin. Following the lead of the Holy Spirit, we congquer the old nature and put on Christ.

We are to bring right rulings to the nations. We should attend to Darfur, the women and children trapped in the sex trade, we should look out for the Israelis tortured by daily missile attacks and those innocenst who suffer as a result. Yeshua works through us.

Today we must open blind eyes, especially those who deny spiritual realiities, those who deny God, those who deny responsability. There are many blind eyes. Few adress the world's economic problems from spiritual viewpoints. Materialism, greed, living beyond our means are the cause of the problems. It is time to see, and live within our means, look at what we need and not what we want.

It is time for us to free prisoners as well, not just those who are falsely imprisoned, but those who are imprisoned by drugs, by alcohol, by sex, by pornography, by materialism, by enslavemnt to their computers, their video games, their cars.

It is our job, given to us, when we were baptised into Christ Jesus. We are his hands and feet, we are his mouth and ears and eyes. If we don't do it, who will?

So let's do it. Time for us to change the world in the name of Yeshya.

Shalom b'Yehsua haMoshiach

+Mar Michael Abportus

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